Power consumption and energy usage of Coffee Maker (with Online Calculator)

You might want to know how much energy your coffee machine uses daily and whether it uses too much electricity in your office or home. Let’s check together to find out.

If we see, you don’t run a coffee maker machine for longer than three to five minutes. It is unlike the other devices, which would work the entire day. Let us find out the correct answer to this query.

Energy usage of Coffee Maker Online Calculator:

Coffee Maker Energy Use Calculator
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How to calculate the power consumption of a coffee maker?

The answer to our intended query lies in calculating the power consumption of a coffee maker. We will not be targeting any specific type of coffee maker; it will be the regular coffee maker, readily available in the market.

It is not very hard, and you only need to read the description of the machine carefully. It will help you calculate. But in some cases, the readings on the box are not accurate. In that case, you will need to follow some other methods.

Calculating power wattages

There can be two conditions. You will get the power wattages written on the box of the coffee maker, or there can be the volts or current written.

If the power wattage is written on the box or in the manual, then calculating the power consumption is very easy.

On the other hand, if not, and you only see the number of volts written, then you need to calculate the current too. It is necessary because power wattage produces both current and volts.

So to measure the current, you will need an Energy Meter. It is readily available. If you have one, it is good, borrow it from an electrician or take your machine to their shop, and they will check it for you.

It can easily measure your coffee maker’s wattage, ampere, and kwh.

Generally, the power watts of a coffee-making machine is nearly equal to 40Wh.

Measuring the time

If you make more coffee, like three to four cups each time, you will use the coffee maker for a long time. It is pretty obvious. So time plays a crucial role in deciding how much power you use each time you turn on the coffee maker.

In electricity terms, power is measured concerning hours, so you are not keeping the coffee maker for hours; it will be a fraction of the hour. As 15 minutes, then you will be taking it as 0.25 hours.

If you know the power wattages, you should multiply this figure with the time. For example, if it’s 100W, you need to multiply it by 0.25h and get an answer.

25Wh would be the power used by the coffee maker concerning time. However, we still have not calculated the number of times you use it every month.

Multiplying it with the number of times it is used

Say a person loves to drink coffee three times a day. So this figure we just calculated in the last step will be multiplied by three.

Then we will get 75Wh for the entire day. So by making coffee three times a day, that person uses this machine three times a day. Thus for each time, 75wh of the power would be consumed. If you multiply 75 by three, then it will get 225wh. It is quite a big number, but that is how it goes.

Electricity Rate Per Unit

So suppose that the electricity rate in a specific region is around 0.5 dollars per unit. Now to find out the amount required to pay its bill, you can multiply the 225wh by 0.5 dollars.

It will come to 112 dollars. If you are only making coffee once a day, divide it by three; that would be around 37 dollars.

Remember, it will only happen if you make coffee three times a day with the same coffee machine.

The best ways to save energy while using a coffee maker

Now that you might have understood the bill a coffee maker would consume, it is time to cut down the price.

Many buyers believe that following the energy-saving tips is useless. But it is not, mainly when the electronics will be used seven days a week. Saving a little energy every day can go a long way.

Choose a machine with low wattage.

This might sound really weird, but the construction of the machine and machine type makes a lot of difference. You may choose the one that says it consumes less energy.

Following this is very easy. All you need to do is read reviews about the coffee-making machines. There you can easily find out about the power consumption of each coffee maker.

Avoid using it in standby mode.

The standby mode may make you think that then it will be easier to use the coffee maker machine. Well, it might help you save a few seconds, but it will cost you a lot. The safest way to save money is to turn off the coffee maker machine. Please don’t use it on standby mode. As soon as you make the coffee, turning off the switch would be great.

An energy saver machine

As the sellers and manufacturers know that now people are more aware, they would love to buy kitchen appliances that don’t use much energy. They will be more desirable. So a wise buyer should select only those that will consume less power.

Types of the coffee maker

As currently, there are various coffee makers available. Thus, choosing the ideal one would mean selecting according to your affordability. If you want to save some money, and don’t want to pay a considerable sum of electricity bills, then go for the dripping coffee maker. It is better in terms of affordability and electricity consumption.

Make coffee in bulk

If you would turn on the coffee maker several times a day, chances are that it will impact the total bill. Therefore, making coffee for the entire family at once is better. It is hard to follow, but it will help.

The filters

Using the old filters in the coffee machine will also make the machine use more electricity; you might need to turn them on and off the machine again and again.

Clean the machine regularly.

How would you expect your microwave oven work properly if it is not cleaned? You need to take out every part of the machine and clean it separately. Wash the washables every week, especially when you are using that machine every single day.

Lastly: How does a coffee maker machine work?

It would be better to educate the Consumer a bit about the working of the coffee maker machine.

We all love frothy coffee, but only a few of us know how we get that. The water is heated up in a coffee machine at very high pressure. This pressurized and heated water goes to the upper tunnel, where the water drips out from a nozzle.

Then at the base of the water pipe is a cup to which you add the coffee. In some coffee makers, there is a blender, while in some, there is a dual-faced spatula to pour and mix the coffee with water/milk.

The coffee mixes with water, and then below that coffee cup is a base where you would place your mug to collect the dripping coffee.

So if you see inside a coffee machine, you will see that the only thing that can increase the power consumption in a coffee-making machine is the resistance to heat up the water and make it boil.

Then the second thing which might not consume as much power is the frother and blender. These machines are very tiny. Thus, we can easily conclude that the coffee-making machine is more like a small iron or an electric kettle.

Final Words:

Using a coffee maker machine every day is a practice in almost every house. However, little do we know how to manage the power consumption of a coffee machine.

It depends on several factors. Simply knowing the formula to calculate the power consumption is not enough. You also need to follow the energy-saving tips.

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